Social worker/Psychologist in a 60%-80% role

Start am 11.10.2018 / Endet am 1.01.2019 / Ort: Basel


Main responsabilities

-Providing individual and group counseling as well as mediation to associates with respect to their private, professional and health issues.
-Providing Case Management and support for the reintegration of associates following long-term absence (illness/accident) in collaboration with HR, supervisors and the Occupational Medical Service.
-Providing Leadership Coaching to Human Resources and Line Managers
-Managers and HR specialists with regard to managing associates with a high rate of short-term absences as well as psychological, health or disciplinary problems.
-Conducting situation analyses and assessments as well as providing recommendations and triage for consultations and treatment in local units and clinics.
-Strategic contribution in project groups to design and implement prevention measures.
-Developing and maintaining a business network to promote the services on offer and enhance the reputation of the service.
-Projects to further developed the organization as well as technical contents and methods.

Your qualification

Bachelor, Master in Social Work or Psychology
Minimum two year counselling training (e.g. FSP)
5-10 years‘ professional experience in a counseling role
German or English as native language and the other one fluent as per C2. Sessions take place regularly in both languages

Start: 1.December 2018 or later
Place of work: Novartis Campus, Basel,

Please upload your CV and motivation letter in English here

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